Design Research


The issue of recyclable plastics contaminated by non-recyclable materials is a massive industry issue. In order to improve the quality of recycling, consumers must recognize the nuances of various materials. Though lists of acceptable items are available, the helpful information they contain is often overlooked because the presentation is unexciting.

Reframing the act of recycling as an engaging game, I hypothesized that players will learn to differentiate materials if rewards are assigned to everyday objects in a virtual setting.

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dext is a unique orthotic solution because it is 3D printed to accommodate each user's anthropometrics. This device is better suited to reach low-income clients because additive manufacturing is inherently decentralized, unlike traditional methods that require costly molds and slow distribution.


Research for this device was prompted by Occupational Therapists who often struggle to ensure their patients are receiving adequate attention and practicing exercises in order to regain dexterity in limbs affected by stroke-induced spasticity.